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Allen Τ αρθρωτό 7 BETA (Β009530170)

Allen Τ αρθρωτό 7 BETA (Β009530170)
On order request
Allen Τ αρθρωτό 7 BETA (Β009530170)
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  • Απόθεμα: On order request
  • Code: 34.B009530170
  • Dimensions: 0.38cm x 0.38cm x 0.00cm
the swiveling t allows the hexagon male end to rotate by up to 50 degree measures 425mm length by 10mm height the hexagon bar can be stopped in any position a safety catch prevents the bar from coming out chrome plated t handle are plastic with a cushion grip for added comfort beta code number 009530170

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