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Κατσαβίδι 4Χ400 BETA (Β012940209)

Κατσαβίδι 4Χ400 BETA (Β012940209)
On order request
Κατσαβίδι 4Χ400 BETA (Β012940209)
Ex Tax: 12.77€
  • Απόθεμα: On order request
  • Code: 34.B012940209
  • Dimensions: 0.10cm x 0.10cm x 0.00cm
For headless slotted screws Soft thermoplastic rubber coating for a firm grip. The tips are not chrome plated so as to match the screw perfectly they are protected against oxidization by phosphatization. Designed to work in small areas where standard screwdrivers cannot be used

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