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Σετ 116 τρυπάνια 415 BETA (Β004150450)

Σετ 116 τρυπάνια 415 BETA (Β004150450)
On order request
Σετ 116 τρυπάνια 415 BETA (Β004150450)
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  • Απόθεμα: On order request
  • Code: 34.B004150450
HSS CO 8%, entirely ground Contains sizes 1.00mm 1.50mm 2.00mm 2.50mm 3.00mm 3.50mm 4.00mm 4.50mm 5.00mm 8.50mm 9.00mm 9.50mm 10.00mm 5.50mm 6.00mm 6.50mm 7.00mm 7.50mm 8.00mm With metal case Diamond shaped grinding For drilling stainless steel, steel alloy, cast iron, mild steel, iron and light alloys

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